Mottola Film Corporation - Gene Mottola Back in Hollywood- Interview

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After a year away Gene Mottola -Ceo of Mottola Entertainment Corp is back in Hollywood. I this interview we see what and why’s .

We met Mr. Mottola in the Urth Café mot far from his office. He was in between meetings with Executive Producers working on one of his current projects.

LA Indie: Welcome back, I hear you were abroad for a year

Mottola: Was it that long?

LA Indie: Why the move to the UK? Was it for work or pleasure?

Mottola: A little of both, I have some close friends around London.

I also was working on a television project.

LA Indie: This was abrupt didn’t you have projects you were working on here in Hollywood

Mottola: Yes I did and this is such a long story, I hope I don’t bore you. Its kind of nuts too.

LA Indie:: That why we came, for the dirt ya know (laugh)

Mottola: Yeeks, (he shakes his head)

It all started back in 2008 , I think. I was working on a project called “ Life in the Fastlane” , at that point in time it was just in development.

LA Indie: Yes there was a lot of press about that. What happened?

Mottola: Soon after development some how i became a target of some internet stalker, I have no idea why. Before I know it there is tons of slander written about me, and it seemed like it was on a daily basis. I turn on the computer and there it was, more *** about me. People started to believe this ***, even my friends

LA Indie: Similar things we all have hear about; people killing themselves over FaceBook posting, this is very damaging and malicious.

Mottola: Agents, studios and other producers all now goggle your name before speaking with you. What do they see with me? Im a *** artist,!

Mottola: *** Artist! no that’s not me, that’s Mel Gibson!

Mottola: That was just a joke , his production company is called *** Artists”

LA Indie: Really?

Mottola: Yes

Mottola: After a couple years of defending myself, I just said screw it and gave up. Took some time off, made a few calls then secured a production job in the UK.

Mottola: That all would not been that bad but I had several back to back deaths in my family, so the internet *** was just the icing on the cake. I needed to escape

LA Indie: That’s a lot of baggage for anyone to carry.

Mottola: Yes I guess I should be glued to a shrinks couch somewhere. (smile)

LA Indie: So whats up now for you

Mottola: Back with a vengeance

LA Indie: So will you reprise your feature or start something new?

Mottola: Both, I have several projects im working on. I have a couple of TV gigs and 2 features and yes, “Fastlane” will happen this time.

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Mottola Film Corporation - Mottola Entertainment Corp Beverly Hills CA

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Mottola Entertainment Corp Back in Beverly Hills

posting to affirm old posts from names: George Marse, Curious George, George the Great, King George and so on,

Post's from the above mentioned are fraudulent, please Google this name a look at his police record or google images.

Also please note this lunatic has also posted about 1 dozen others in the entertainment field.

Lastly this oddly enough "pissed customers" comes up first in the search engines and unfortunately the only way to fire back. Mottola Entertainment is now back in Beverly Hills and will stand ground if necessary with internet slander.

In once case with an associate she was resorted to get legal action. If this is the case with our firm then so be it

James J.

Office Manage

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Monetary Loss: $100.

Mottola Film Corporation - Mottola Entertainment Corp Beverly Hills CA 9021 O

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After a successful year in London England, Mottola Entertainment Corp is back in Beverly Hills California. Current projects include music related television venture and feature films. Will Hollywood take him back ? Only time will tell and cats always land on there feet and we can bet this sly cat can. Check the Hollywood Reporter for updates on whats what. As of AUG 1st we have heard nothing from Mottola even after calling the production office 424-666-1330, South Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

batter,none, tutu crakers post on everything entertainment on and off screen on the Hollywood scene Peace and Love

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Monetary Loss: $20000.

Mottola Film Corporation - Gene Mottola Film

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Yep Gene Mottola is at it again. Out taking sots at the bible and the LORDS name! Moral people of this world, please make a public stand for this and burn him like the witch he is. The below is only part of the story, which i personaly will tell later, god bless

Life in the Fastlane branded "OFFENSIVE"

Gene Mottola hits an oil slick in the Fastlane!

The director/producer has his share of bumps in the road in the production of "Life In The Fastlane" Currently we are told by top branding agencies that the content of his suspense thriller is "skating on thin ice!"

"Many seem to find the content unethical and offensive"

We predict rating issues upon release.

"Mottola's use of sexual undertones, drugs, prostitution and misinterpretation of Bible passages are found rather unsettling"

This is not good music to Mottola ears, no comment yet has been posted from Mottola Entertainment Corp

The Mel Gibson style approach to things brings up controversy in the Fastlane

Review about: Life In The Fastlane.

Monetary Loss: $40.


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will some one take you off this board. you are a nut!This has NOTHING to do with merchandise or customer service issues at all.

I see about 30 of the same posts all garbage. bobby

Mottola Film Corporation - Gene Mottola-Mottola Entertainment Corp

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Gene Mottola is at it again and P I SS ING off people with Life in the Fastlane. take a look at the latest news on the pile of steaming ***.

If you are a church going person like i am you will feel the same. God Bless

Life in the Fastlane branded "OFFENSIVE"

Gene Mottola hits an oil slick in the Fastlane!

The director/producer has his share of bumps in the road in the production of "Life In The Fastlane" Currently we are told by top branding agencies that the content of his suspense thriller is "skating on thin ice!"

"Many seem to find the content unethical and offensive"

We predict rating issues upon release.

"Mottola's use of sexual undertones, drugs, prostitution and misinterpretation of Bible passages are found rather unsettling"

This is not good music to Mottola ears, no comment yet has been posted from Mottola Entertainment Corp

The Mel Gibson style approach to things brings up controversy in the Fastlane

Review about: Life In The Fastlane.

Monetary Loss: $40.


George K.. Marse
Byfield, Massachusetts, United States #229990

This production is PURE AND PLAIN FILTH, if you are a churc goes like me,,PLEASE HELP SUPPORT ME IN MY QUEST TO SHUT THIS DOWN


Mottola Film Corporation - Gene Mottola's Life in the Fastlane Branded “OFFENSIVE”

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Yes Producer GENE MOTTOLA is at it again and *** off people. Below is what i found and attached here

Life in the Fastlane branded "OFFENSIVE"

Gene Mottola hits an oil slick in the Fastlane!

The director/producer has his share of bumps in the road in the production of "Life In The Fastlane" Currently we are told by top branding agencies that the content of his suspense thriller is "skating on thin ice!"

"Many seem to find the content unethical and offensive"

We predict rating issues upon release.

"Mottola's use of sexual undertones, drugs, prostitution and misinterpretation of Bible passages are found rather unsettling"

This is not good music to Mottola ears, no comment yet has been posted from Mottola Entertainment Corp

The Mel Gibson style approach to things brings up controversy in the Fastlane

Review about: Life In The Fastlane.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Mottola Film Corporation - *** man gene mottola

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gene mottola is a fraud. he lies to entertainment industry people and uses them for their contacts and knowledge.

he says he is a film producer yet he has never produced anything in his life. he is advertising a film that has no financing and is posting the cast of actors, some of which have no idea he is using their name and celebrity status to promote himself. he is a thief and rips off porsche owners by claiming to make car parts at his shop that don't exist. he will manipulate and make you believe all the rumors on the net are bs but dont be fooled by his charm.

he is master at brainwashing and just when you realize his tactics, it's too late and you've been used. dont believe me?

dont learn the hard way like many others have learned.

Review about: Entertainment And Porsche.



Feb 18, 2012

u blackcherry



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Congratulations to Mr. Mottola and his film crew.

Those bums who spoke against you in jail serving a long time. I never believed any of the *** any way.

There was no substance to this whole slander and the site should remove all of it. Sounds like whoever started it was some guy who was fired.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #815396

Copy and paste in browser. The indictments are beginning to come in, these are some of the people who impersonated Ms.

Chambers and about 2300 other people. They are facing 40-60 years federal prison.

This group has also pretended to be IRS Agents who were in charge of a new stimulus program(fraud).

There is also a Stacey Leigh Chambers who has stolen the identity of at least 4 women of different age groups and ethnicities all from Las Vegas. This woman is now serving 3 years in state prison, but has more charges to face.

The courts and law enforcement agencies made errors in placing convictions under the wrong Chambers.

Portland, Oregon, United States #737031

I've been to Las Vegas. I went to a few places there with my cousin Julie and saw this woman quite frequently.

I recognize her from the pictures. My impression of her was that she had some sort of mental problem. She picked fights with people for small non-issues and called everyone racist. I was on a bus and overheard her talking about dropping bombs.

Every person that she addressed, she introduced herself as a different person. Elise Chambers, the New Jersey lawyer, Stacey Johnson, local talent scout. Stacey Strasky, professor at UNLV. I took the liberty of looking this "prof" up, and she showed up nowhere.

I overheard her talking about living this life of luxury, the story different every time. First she's a model, then a lawyer, then a singer, then a celeb consultant, then a star athlete. I see her walking around with two young adults, a man and a woman. She introduces them to people using a different name every time.

She talks about her son's career as a doctor, referring to whom I assume is the young man. But the thing is that I saw the same man being arrested for breaking into a building. Seriously??? I just hope that this woman finds help.

I have a family member in clinical psychology as her profession and a lot of her behaviors resemble her clients with Histrionic Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I see and hear about people like this and pray to God that they will find the guidance they need to get well.

Stacey, Elise, whichever name you prefer, if you are reading this, I hope that you find peace. Some of the people on here talk about your health problems, and whether or not they are genuine, you seem to have a lot going on in your life and I encourage you to seek more support.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #730421

Dangerous? Seeking residential rentals for actors? Blah, blah, blah. It is very apparent that the author "victim" is someone hiding under false friendship with Ms. Chambers and is probably the same author as Curious George.

I agree with Ms. Vasquez, your IP address needs to be investigated and given to Ms. Chambers.

It's obvious that there is jealousy, hatred, bitterness and "Victim" is psychotic and dangerous. Sounds like somebody setting up to do harm to Mrs. Chambers.....we will be notifying her of these posts!

By the way "victim" Ms. Chambers just signed a contract for 2M....did you know that? Hahahahaha broke jealous ***.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #730420

The writer of this post sounds crazy jealous and speculative. One would have to ask how does the writer know the actions of Ms.

Chambers unless they are close to her and she doesn't know what they are doing? There is some very pin-pointed information about the writer...funny thing is that there is not documentation in any court where Ms. Chambers was ever sued for reasons that the author stated.

However, going by the IP address of the author, I will research who is writing this immature trash and send their identity to Ms. Chambers, so that she can bring suit against them.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #725915

What Curious George added to this page is very true. This woman Elise Stacey Chambers is very dangerous and totally FAKE. BE VERY CAREFUL.

She goes around craigslist Las Vegas looking for rental homes “for TV actors” and makes an appointment to see the home, then promising to improve the home with the intention to get in the house a month before the contract date to make these improvements and intentionally to stay in the homes and cause all sorts of damage.

Then she falsified letter agreements with this signature:

Elise Stacey Chambers

Baobab/Roundtable Entertainment Media

702-515-2500, Office

702-300-5021, Cell

to see her picture go to,d.cGE&psig=AFQjCNHfeNLn2ju99biP2uEKPV9ZKsSOPg&ust=1381121427953980

LinkedIn site:*1_*1_name_VJJE_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1&locale=en_US&id=108413043


to victim #1107244


Bronx, New York, United States #673032



Chambers rocks. She walked away from a bogus 9 million dollar contract.

She didn't blast that person.....We love and support her. She risked her life to expose dirty cops, and her ex was one. That lady rose out of the ashes. She rescued abused teens.

Curious George is an ***. Did the Obamas call you to say they don't know her? She surely was published in for the 2008 election and on the front page of the Review Journal newspaper with Barack.

Explain that ***. How is it that she has walked with three presidents?

to David Shapiro Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #619921

Google, How Obama Won Nevada 2008. Ms.

Chambers was featured more than the president elect. She's good for the country. People have taken advantage of her while she sick and dealing with a rsre blood disorder.

That women is known for doing good. She gave homeless people a home in her house.

Indian Wells, California, United States #619909

Ms. Chambers was not affiliated with the Mottola Corp when accusations were made against him.

She's a smart business woman and turn down 9,000,000 dollars by walking away from an unscrupulous deal. She is working with the FBI and other law enforcement officers to clear her name. Arrests have been made for he Chiwocha woman who impersonated Chambers. She is an excellent businesswoman who has the number for given and helped the poor than anyone I know.

she is a civil rights activist who has never met the author of this post. So, why attack her when your angry with Mottola?

Los Angeles, California, United States #591033

I absolutely endorse all of the ventures of Ms. Chambers.

She is a solid business woman. I hope that the bitter consumer, who probably has never done business with Ms. Chambers gets luck.

I don't know Mr. Motolla, but I don't see that he's done anything except *** off a whining, unhappy and unproductive "no-body."

to Nancy "Ferraro" ***enson Los Angeles, California, United States #591067

We've been clients of Ms. Chambers for 9 years.

No problems here.

She also received an honorary business award. We were there!

Los Angeles, California, United States #591030

What a "Coward" to hide behind the so beloved children's character "Curious George" to vent anger towards another human being.

I've worked with Mr. Mottola and Ms. Chambers and so have my colleagues. We find them to be honest, reliable and professional. Funnything, Ms. Chambers was not involved in the project "Boosted" and yet, the coward "Curious George" speaks as though he/she has the scoop.

I plan to work with Ms. Chambers and am doing so with repetitive business. May the good Lord help "Curious George."


Add Stacey Chambers, aka elise stacey chambers, stacey elise chambers, stacey johnson, stacey strasky, stacey chambers johnson to the list as well. She is running the same type of scam.

She, like Gene, has never produced anything. She creates websites that make her look like she's 'doing it big' but is doing nothing at all. She has created several companies in las vegas that have scams associated with them (i.e. emg talent).

She claims to be deeply associated with the Obama party, but is not. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. She takes pics of celebrities that shes claiming to work with and that are her clients but they know nothing of her. Anyone associated with the alleged film 'life in the fastlane' (recently changed the title to 'boosted') is more than likely running the same type of scam because birds of a feather flock together.

They claim that the budget for "boosted" is 80 million but without a single A-list Actor on deck. You can look up her massive arrest record (that includes a handful of felonies) online just by typing "Stacey chambers arrested las vegas". If she ever wants to work with you - walk away. She claims to own a home in beverly hills but in reality is living from hotel to hotel in las vegas.

She has no real job but acquires income by scamming people out of their hard earned money. She will convince you until her ugly face is blue that the arrest record online is NOT her and that shes a different age that's stated on the arrest records. She will also claim that the person writing these stories about her are just pissed off employees & that her identity was stolen which caused all of the arrests. Google the name "stacey Strasky" (one of her many alias') and watch her photo appear in the images, or you can type her name into youtube and watch her videos.

Its so sad to the point that her daughter (troi johnson) has a similar arrest record. Theyre a tight knit family due to the fact that they were arrested on the same dates for similar charges.

She has a gambling problem as well, which more than likely put her in her current situation. You've been warned - do NOT work with this lady.

to Curious George Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #584401

To the writer of this post: Maurice Windom and Eriah Howard

This is Stacey Chambers, your post has been turned over to the FBI. I don't know you well, but it's a shame that you had to stoop this low because I decided not to work with you on a film.

It was you who solicited persons for business reasons without my permission or knowledge.

It isn't my fault that your friend (Tiny Lister) an actor whose coat tail you tried to ride on for financial freedom, plead guilty to 3.8 million in mortgage fraud. Who knew?

You hide behind the name of Curious George? Your name is Maurice Windom, you work at a Pep Boys in California. You tried to woo and pursue me via Facebook and by telephone. You used my name and credentials to send your friends trying to break into the entertainment business to me without my desire to be solicited and I turned them down, and now you're throwing bricks? Ha!

My confidence is in my Creator and in good hands that the FBI and local police will clear my name. You don't have to write garbage about me, I've blogged about my own skeletons so that there are no ghosts. You call yourself a christian, stood in a prayer circle and prayed at my home, and you spent the night at my home only to ask me to give you $200 for gas so that you could get home, yet you say that you are a "successful" Magazine Publisher.

Furthermore, you have mentioned names of people you've never met, known or know any circumstances. I'm proud of my daughter Troi. She is a very loving person and made the mistake as a freshman entering into college. She didn't follow up to make sure that a previously written check to the university was destroyed before submitting another in its place. She completed her year and wasn't aware that someone in the back office found the unshredded check in the trash can and deposited it. They gave it to accounting and it was added to accounts receivables. She had no idea that a warrant for non-appearance was issued almost 2 years later.

Living from hotel to hotel? Absurd!

Wow, you never met Mr. Motolla either. You have never spoken with him, done business or anything. Just throwing a hatchet at people whom you've turned you down. What a shame!

I won't even address the rest of your rhetoric. I have a gambling problem? Which casino wrote to you and told you that? When do you know of or have personal experience about me gambling? Please tell me what games do I play, where, when, and how much are my buy-ins?

"Pissed off employees?" What employees? I work alone. I'm feel compassion towards you and forgive you in advance. I don't know what Mr. Motolla or my daughter will do about your postings, but I have already copied them and forwarded them to the local authorities.

Sorry to disappoint you, but my life is good. Move on and get your buddy! Anyone who wants clarification may contact me via email at

Stacey Chambers

to Stacey Chambers Miami, Florida, United States #655969

And what would the FBI do with that exactly?

to Lizzie Smith #698858

Absolutely NOTHING! Trust me, she does not want her name brought up in ANY type of Law enforcement agencies.

If you notice, she never addresses the massive arrest record in the above post and I find it strange and funny at the same time that All of these people coming to her defense ALL posted on the same date: Three posts on March 8th, 3 posts on Jan 8th... Coincidence? I think not. So what she was featured on a newspaper - big deal.

***, I've been in the newspaper a couple of times myself. This lady is a Criminal. She has no business going on. She's a scam artist.

She's produced absolutely nothing - not one single movie credit to her name. Fake website where she takes pics at someone elses office and posts photos of projects she's not a part of. She Takes pics with celebrities claiming that theyre her clients. The Pics on her facebook page of rental homes (when she's not living in hotels).

The Proof is in the pudding, just google her name and watch the felonies appear from burgulary, forgery, etc. She wanted to work with me but after my questioning her true identity - she "refused to work with me". It's a shame but the chickens will soon come home to roost. "This Page has been turned over to the FBI" - if that was the case - the FBI, Law enforcement agency & or attorney would tell her not to even reply or comment.

Everything that Curious george said was correct. Im Glad I backed out of a deal with her before I was scammed. Hopefully, people that she tries to scam in the future will read these posts and walk away.

if it looks and walk and talks like a duck then it's probably a duck. With all the felonies on her record - lm surprised she's not in prison...but that day is soon coming.

to Lizzie Smith Los Angeles, California, United States #743720

Lizzie, Elise Stacey Chambers does NOT want any authorities involved. She is bluffing like she did when she said she is an attorney.

Lies! Feel free to view my comment on this post. She mentioned my name and others thinking we said something bad about her. I can only speak for myself.

I did not! I use my own name not fake ones. So, if she continues to defame my namesake, I will see her in court. With all of her legal woes, she shouldn't be messing with anyone.

Again, just Google her public arrest records.

They don't lie! She does!

I am Maurice Windom, editor of MoeHeat Magazine.

to Stacey Chambers Los Angeles, California, United States #743716

First of all, I do NOT hide behind pseudo names. My name is Maurice Windom. I am the editor-in-chief of MoeHeat Magazine. I privately emailed you and asked you, Elise Stacey Chambers, to take down my name and business name. I run a business and do not have time for this none sense!

Look me up! Google me! Check our history (Stacey and I) on Facebook. It is YOU Stacey who got in touch with me on Facebook after a young man needing a organ transplant sent me a message and a friend request. After YOU saw that I posted a picture with Tiny Lister and myself you approached me and said you knew him. The rest is history, as well as documented in Facebook archives should this turn into a criminal situation.

As I stated before, if someone Googles your name, your criminal records pop up! That is public domain! I don't know who you have on this site pretending you don't have fraud charges on your record. It's public record! Duh!

After you burned me, which I have not mentioned on this or ANY social or public forum, I stopped dealing with you! So, please move on as I have. My work speaks for its self. I do not need to validate it because I am a public figure. I'm easy to find and/or research.

Yes, I read some of these posts against you and they do mirror some of our dealings. However, I was not on this page until now! I use my real name, unlike yourself! So stop with the claims I'm using a fake name! I'm proud of my name!

On this forum you chose to call me out, the filmmaker and actor of a project you tried to take over! It has NOTHING to do with me! I DO NOT MAKE MOVIES!!! There is no need to falsely blast me!

Also, I'm proud of being a hard working man, regarding you mentioning I worked at Pep Boys. Again, get your facts straight! It 'was' Autozone! It was honest work and I'm proud of that! Perhaps you should stop trying to be more than you are by conning people and just be yourself. I now 'ONLY' work for myself, MoeHeat Productions and I'm doing quite well.

As far as me trying to seduce you, I won't insult you but that never happened. You are NOT my type! Stop flattering yourself! Really? Which reminds me, I know a lot of people in this industry. Those you said you know and even dated, do NOT know you! I asked them. So when you throw out big names, know your audience. I touch these people you claim to know!

Anyone wanting real information and not these made up characters you have on here pretending to be vouching for you can either Google your name(s), contact the Las Vegas Police Department or check with the Las Vegas Court of Records. How can everyone be lying on you? (Just look her up people!)

Now, I'm getting back you running a "real" business that can easily be accessed to the public. And for those who are speaking on your behalf if you are real people I say, continue. If you know Elise Stacey Chambers in a good light you are well entitled to defend your friend.

However, I know her too and better than the lighthearted way she is trying to show. We attempted to do business until I found out she was indeed a *** artist (according to her rap sheet as well).

I have no hard feelings because I left before she could do any real damage to me other than becoming an embarrassment and annoyance.

So the bottom line is, unlike the more lies she has on here, I was doing fine years before she interrupted my life and I will do fine afterwards. I do not ride coat tails. My job is to interview people. Most of the time afterwards, we are done. Coat tails is her department. For her to be so accomplished, why doesn't ANYTHING REAL come up pertaining her in a positive light? She was not instrumental on The Presidential campaign because she has a totally unrelated photo up under the caption.

So, before saying everyone is lying against her, I say when you've been cheated and conned out of your hard earned money as a result of her, you may want to blast it and you have the right to, just like you others the right to defend her. But facts are facts!

For those who are interested in joint lawsuit for defamation of character or who have been conned out of your money, email me. This situation can be too easily put to rest. 'And Stacey stop acting like you have ties to the FBI, IRS, CIA or any other government agency. They are the last people you want to deal with! I personally know of one incident where the police took you away in handcuffs and I wouldn't be surprised if others are looking for you as well. With all your aliases it can get confusing. For the critics, don't go there. Again, these are public domain convictions! Just look them up!

I am Maurice Windom (editor-in-chief of MoeHeat Magazine). I DO NOT POST UNDER ASSUMED NAMES! Feel free to email me:

Good day everyone.

P.S. And to the owner of this post, it says "Personal attacks will be deleted..." If that is the case, why was my name allowed on here by Stacey Chambers in the first place? Had that been the case I would never have responded.

to Stacey Chambers Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #808667

you are a human piece of garbage thief.

to Stacey Chambers Castaic, California, United States #922144

I, Maurice Windom, do NOT hide behind any bogus names! I never worked for PEP Boys, I worked at Autozone.

It was and still is honest work! Is that your attempt to put me down? I have 80 times more credentials than you and would never use a fraud, like yourself, for anything. Woo you?

I've only known you a 3 years! People, please research me then research "Stacey Elise Chambers! I've been connected to REAL celebrities and businesses for over 20 years! Anyone can look me up and SEE my ABC interviews (yes plural), pictures and articles dating back 20 years!

Yes, it's ALL research it all here on the Internet by typing in my name! Where is your credentials Ms. Chambers? You are so full of it that it is ridiculous!

Anyone who does not see all your positive comments are coming from you is just as crazy as you are! I've been to your "rented" home before you were arrested, again! Yes, Tiny & I met at your house. I don't know Mr.

Tiny Lister personally, just in the business sense you arranged at your home after "I" connected you two. I ride no coat tails! I am easy research! Now for you...

If anyone wants to see your arrest record in the Nevada court system, it is public record! For all you say you've done, why is there NO information on the World Wide Internet to support it? It should be easy to find, like I am! You walked with presidents?

Where? No one has to come forward to speak for me because I am not in defense. You however, have to create fake names & posts to keep saying how great you are. Sure, whatever you say!

But, please get help! My next door neighbor's 12 year kid comes up in search engines. Why doesn't any "real" accomplishments you have come up? After all, you walked with presidents and by your account, President Obama owes his election to you!

What a joke! I have moved on and so should you! But, attacking people on any post you can with bogus people is ridiculous. None of the names posting good things about you are attached to "real" people!

So who is hiding Ms. Chambers? Stacey? Elise?

'Or whatever name you're using to rip people off with! Have a nice day and quit tripping! If I post anything, I WILL USE MY REAL NAME (Maurice Windom). I don't hide, nor do I cheat people!

So attorney, doctor, or whatever you're claiming to be this week, get a life and give us facts instead of all this childish name calling and ranting... Facts! But, remember to include your rap sheet with it! In all these years, I still have NOT found anything positive attached to your name that wasn't surrounded with controversy!

If I was on the outside looking in, I'd say it was you trying to use me to break into the business!

By the way, I have celebrity events every month and have had for the last few years. 'And what do you do again?

Byfield, Massachusetts, United States #212447

The person who originally posted this is becoming a nuisance. They have posted 15-25 attaching statements to different people in the entertainment industry,, Will some one yank off his posts they have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SITE WHAT SO EVER .

Log in names I see are George Marse, George K. Marse, George, Dave The Reporter, and the list goes on, Is there a monitor who can stop this SPAM on this site?





Ive been in the business 30 years. so my question to Dave the reporter or any of you dirt throwing people is,, who are you?

and whats the name of your firm? Where is the SAG posting? Where is any posting? SHOW ME PROOF!

all internet ***? Im working on the production of the movie.

you can research and contact me on IMDb.

Jay Amor..


me too? So can you post this link marty where you see that it's moving along...


Marty...where did you see that the project is moving along. Can you post the link?

Seems that several people then where contacted for hooker roles. What was the name of your role?


Actually That's all the info I have, I did some research today and it looks like the film is still moving along, so I really don't know what to believe?? :?


Marty I was contacted by Gene Motolla as well in regards to the role of a ***. I was wondering if you had anymore info about Gene, his company, etc. Thanks=)


What a loser!!! I was contacted by him six months ago, for the role of a ***, I was on board until his phone/email updates on the film as far as where it was heading,started contradicting what his previous phone conversation would say, and the start date keep getting pushed back and pushed back.

Also he said he had an assistant and come to find out it was him, that's when I bailed!! I just don't understand the point of all this is???


I don't understand. The movie has been taken off imdb.

So this was a rip off. Why would you do this??? Can someone explain. Where do you get this info from?

How is this possible???

Is this true??? Some explain..


First off-- the man is not producing anything ! he has approached legitimate crew and promised them employment if they wrote a letter of intent to work on his so called project, he then used those letters to lie to talent agents and their "c" list actors (actor who haven't worked for in a long time or are considered has been's) they commit to the project thinking he has financing in place when in fact he is ripping people off and this is why his so called crew falls apart every 6 months when a new crew is announced over and over again for the past 5 years !!

and by the way he is not related to Tommy Mottola like people think- he claims to be mob connected -- bull... no connections whatsoever...

anyone can submit a film listing to Hollywood reporter and Variety it is a listing not a story- they don't verify listings. SAG (Screen actors guild has also warned any union talent from accepting or signing anything with him) GENE MOTTOLA GET A JOB !


ok, im a movie buff and what you are talking about is impossible! it takes close to 100 people or more to make a film.

now you are telling me this person was able to *** everyone attached to the film? like i said, impossible. next,, i looked up this film. attached are pros with hundreds of top films like the TERMINATOR films, HALLOWEEN, RUSH HOUR and hundreds more!!

all these people were "brainwashed" there is a 40M dollar budget attached to this film as well. get your fact right jack, you are blowing smoke!

IMDB,VARIETY,HOLLYWOOD REPORTER research FACTS before printing. where did you get your facts???


do you know him or them well? please fill us in? his team looks solid, are they *** artists too?


I would like to know more info as I was contacted by him in regards to his film "Life in the Fastlane". :?


I would like to know more info as I was contacted by him in regards to his film "Life in the Fastlane".

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